Stretch Mark Treatment

Using laser technology, a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, the appearance of stretch marks can be reduced.  Stretch marks are often a result of pregnancy, rapid growth or weight fluctuations.  By employing laser energy to the area, the body's collagen production is stimulated. With the creation of new collagen,  the stretch marks become less visible, and the pigmentation (usually pink, red, purple or white) is improved. If you are tired of hiding your stretch marks, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ortiz to discuss treatment options. 

Scar Revision

Long after a wound has healed, scars can remain, constantly reminding you of something you’d likely rather forget. If you have a scar that is bothersome to you, come in to discuss options for scar revision, the process of making a scar more consistent with the surrounding skin in both tone and texture. Dr. Ortiz will determine the best treatment plan for you, based on the size, texture, and placement of your scar. The result is improved pigmentation and an overall smoother texture. Treatment options range from simple topical treatments to minimally invasive procedures to surgical revision. Often, deeper scars require layered closers, meaning that Dr. Ortiz will use dissolvable sutures to close up each layer of tissue, starting with the deepest layer and finishing with the surface layer, which he will very carefully and artfully close. After, you’re left with little to no reminder of the original wound. 

Belly Button Repair

Current fashion trends encourage us to bare our midriffs more and more, so if you’re bothered by the size, shape, or appearance of your belly button, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ortiz. Belly Button Repair, or Umbilicoplasty, corrects defects and distortions of the belly button. Through a series of tiny incisions, Dr. Ortiz will remove extra skin and fat and reshape your belly button.

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