When you feel like you can’t diet or exercise for one more minute, liposuction can give you the boost you need. Simply put, liposuction removes areas of unwanted fat, through small access points. With expert surgical technique, liposuction will define, sculpt and enhance your body, revealing a natural and aesthetically beautiful treatment area. Liposuction delivers almost immediate results which can encourage patients to continue their healthy lifestyle. The best results come from a surgeon who accounts for the unique body shape of the patient. Dr. Ortiz can artistically sculpt the treated area to enhance your ideal shape. During consultation, Dr. Ortiz will discuss the technique that will deliver safe, gorgeous results.


Understanding Liposuction

Liposuction involves the reduction of excess fat deposits that results in improved body contours and proportion. This popular procedure can be applied in a number of places on the body, including the chin, chest, back, abdomen, flanks, upper arm, buttocks, thighs, knees, and calves. Dr. Ortiz has extensive experience using ultrasound, laser and light therapy during liposuction, all of which are minimally invasive and deliver precise results.

Who can Benefit from Liposuction

Anyone who is tired of battling adipose tissue and wishes to define or enhance his or her natural figure should consider liposuction. Please remember, however, that liposuction is not a weight-loss solution and it should not be a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. All potential surgical candidates should have a heathy weight, positive body image and realistic expectations. Sometimes liposuction can result in extra unwanted skin, it is often combined with body contouring or abdominoplasty.

What to Expect

After an initial recovery period of 14-21 days, expect to embrace your beautiful new shape! Feel confident and bathing-suit ready the next time you stroll down the beach.

Individual Results may vary.


As we age, we lose a significant amount of elastin in our skin. Without enough elastin, our skin lacks the ability to recoil to its original shape after any weight fluctuation. Body Contouring surgically reduces excess sagging skin you may have after significant weight loss or as a result of other plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction. Dr. Ortiz will develop a surgical plan that will help you look and feel your best.


Dr. Ortiz’s extensive work with bariatric surgery and massive weight loss patients makes him the logical choice for helping you achieve your goals of a smoother contour after reducing unwanted skin and fat. This type of body contouring addresses all of your concerns – from head to toe – and often follows significant weight loss. Typically, the following procedures are included: facelift, breast lift, tummy tuck, lower body lift, medial thigh lift, and arm lift.  As Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring involves so many areas of the body, you’ll want a surgeon who will tailor the procedures to your individual needs. Dr. Ortiz’s attention to detail and use of the most advanced surgical procedures means you will get the best care.


After extensive weight loss, excess skin can settle in the inner and outer thighs, often resulting in thighs that rub together or have outer thigh "saddle bags".  Based on the patient's concerns, there are different surgical solutions.  If the patient has moderate excess skin on the inner thigh a medial thigh lift procedure, using an incision hidden in the line in the groin would be used to remove excess skin and support the muscle in the crescent of the inner thigh.  Patients with excessive tissue over the entire thigh would likely need a circumferential lift which combines surgically addressing the anterior (front), lateral (sides), posterior (buttock) and medial regions of the thigh.  Talk with Dr. Ortiz about how he can help you rediscover the lean, youthful legs you’ve dreamed of by removing unwanted skin. 


Another name for an arm lift, brachioplasty surgically removes excess sagging skin from the back of the arm, which helps smooths the appearance of the supportive tissues.  Heredity, age and weight fluctuation make it difficult to have tone and definition in the arm, regardless of the time spent in the gym.  In most cases, a small incision in the armpit can remove the excess fat and sculpt arms that look toned and beautiful. Sometimes a more extensive procedure maybe required. Book a consultation with Dr. Ortiz to explore your options. 

Body Contouring Procedure - What to Expect

Body Contouring may involve large incisions to remove the excess skin.  Dr. Ortiz will determine the appropriate anesthesia to keep you safe and comfortable. Downtime will depend on the extent of the procedure.  You can expect to use dressings and bandages for 2 days after surgery and compressive garments for up to 6 weeks. Avoid heavy lifting for 6 weeks. The highly trained and compassionate staff at Triangle Plastic Surgery Center will keep you comfortable while helping you address all post-operative instructions.


Those who have excess skin because of weight loss or Liposuction are excellent candidates for Body Contouring.  Call our office today with questions and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ortiz.  Together, you will develop a plan for the Body Contouring that’s right for your needs and goals.