Dr. Becker performs the majority of procedures under IV (intravenous) sedation supplemented with local anesthetic numbing medications, making sure that you are comfortable and unaware during the procedure.  Using IV sedation can avoid the slow wake-up and post-operative nausea often seen with general anesthesia.

By using IV sedation enhanced with local anesthetic, the slow wake-up and post-operative nausea often seen with general anesthesia is usually avoided. After decades of experience, Dr. Becker has found that nausea after surgery is a very uncommon event and occurs in less than 1% of our patients. This technique helps patients feel alert much more quickly post-operatively.


Immediately after the procedure, a soft gauze dressing is applied as well as a layer of Vaseline to the treated skin. Drains are very rarely used. Because sedating medications are used, you will need someone to help you the evening of surgery.

The following morning, the dressing is removed, the incisions are thoroughly inspected, and a new, lighter dressing is applied. This dressing is removed the third day after surgery, at which time you can shower and wash your hair.

Once the bandages are removed, a supportive garment is worn until the 7th day after surgery.

You may usually resume light activity the day after surgery. However, it is best to wait 2 weeks before returning to work or public life. It is safest to delay major public engagements such as weddings or speaking appearance.  Make-up can be worn all over the face 10 days after surgery.  Light aerobic exercise may be resumed within 2 weeks of your surgery and you may resume weight lifting within 3 weeks of surgery. The mild pinkness of the incisions is easy to cover with makeup after 10 days and will fade over the next several months.

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